Virtual Beauty Sessions Cannot be Shut Down in California!

Virtual Beauty Sessions Cannot be Shut Down in California!

In California, Governer Newsom has just announced that businesses need to shut down again!  Due to the rising numbers and spread of Covid-19, the decision was made to close industries again.  Small businesses like BreLuxe Beauty will not be able to perform personal services with this new change until further notice.  

This jeopardizes businesses within the entertainment and event industries tremendously, yet safety is the better option for everyone. 

To stay safe, BreLuxe Beauty has gotten innovative and found new ways to survive over the course of our global pandemic of Covid-19.  

Virtual Beauty Sessions are not cancelled and a great way to get beauty advice from home!  The Online Beauty Boutique offers Makeup Consultations that are redeemable in product.  When you purchase a $30 minute Virutal Makeup Session, You will get $30 in Jane Iredale Makeup Products! 

This is the NEW way to get help with your makeup beauty tips and learn the tricks to create your makeup look and style. 

Book your 30 Minute Makeup Session today and Have a Live Beauty Pro to give you their ultimate attention and advice for you and only you!  

Virtual Beauty Sessions cannot be cancelled and it is now the safest way to get hair and makeup services. Learning from a Live Beauty Pro is going to be the new normal as our old ways are no more.  

Hair and Makeup in large cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Orlando and San Francisco will have the hardest time getting back to normal, so take advantage of virtual services.  Enjoy services from eating, shopping, learning and self-care from home! 

Blessing Every Frontline Worker, Person and Company affected by this global pandemic.