Virtual Beauty Masterclass - Learn to Take Virtual Meetings Like a Pro!

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In this Signature Virtual Beauty Masterclass, you will Learn to take Virtual Meetings like a Pro! 

Virtual Meetings and Calls are a more common than ever, but they can be awkward and uncomfortable, especially when you are not used to it! 

Your session with a Live Beauty Pro will discuss everything you need to know to feel confident for your next online meeting or virtual summit. 

Topics We Will Review:

  1. How to Dress for Your Style
  2. How to Do Your Hair & MakeUp for Your Role at Work
  3. Best Tips for Lighting & Tools
  4. Ideal Areas to Take Virtual Meetings & Why
  5. Ways to Save Time
  6. Common Mistakes to Avoid
  7. Having a Professional Set-Up or Not

This Masterclass will Transform the Way Your View Virtual Meetings, Help You Prepare, and Ultimately Give You the Confidence to Welcome Virtual Meetings and Calls. 

One-on-One & Group Options

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