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Real Beauty Advice and Tips from Anywhere You Are! 

One-on-One Consultation with a Live Beauty Professional that is all about your beauty needs and goals. 

Get Beauty Advice
Discuss Your Kit & Products
Get Beauty Tips
Help Prepare for a Meeting or Event
Discuss your Beauty Questions, Needs or Concerns

        Finally you can get Beauty Advice that is actually PERSONAL and MEANINGFUL!  Let's be honest, with as busy as our lives are, going to the store to get beauty advice is not only time consuming, but it is filled with other people, sales, and lack of dedicated attention.

        Online Beauty Sessions provide you the solution!  

        We Bring The Beauty Pro To You, Virtually, We Create A Private Space To Discuss Everything From Your Beauty Regimen, Your Beauty Products, How To Do A Technique Or Look, Discuss Any Beauty Concerns, or Help You Prepare for a Big Day! 

        One Hour Online Beauty Sessions

        Our Signature Virtual Beauty Workshops & Consultations Give Individuals Or Groups The Opportunity To Get Personal Attention, An Interactive Beauty Experience, And Learn From A Beauty Pro, Anywhere You Are! 

        Can You Relate?

        • Ever go to a beauty store and feel like no one is genuinely helping you or it's too busy?
        • Do you shop online and never get to see a Beauty Pro?
        • Have a bunch of products and tools, but have no idea how to use them?
        • Want to switch up your look and need some help & advice?
        • Need a friend to chat your beauty with and actually get their full attention?
        • Has life changed and you need advice on your new role?
        • Do you want to learn a beauty technique or skill?
        • Do you have to show up virtually more often and feel Super Uncomfortable?
        YES? Choose a Topic Below & We Will Give You The Attention You Deserve! 


        Review Products & Tools 

        Professional Role Review 

         General Beauty Advice & Tips

        Makeup Advice & Tips 

        Hair Advice & Tips

        Hair & Makeup Advice & Tips 

        Skincare Regimen Review & Tips

          *All sessions are private and a safe space is created to get Real Beauty Advice.